I like the screenshot to the left as a synthesis of my work and self;

Mi lenguaje preferido es spanglish, it is my native language as a Dominican yol (Dominicana nacida en NYC) and it mirrors my approach to art, taking from different disciplines, or languages, to be able to say what you want the best way you can.

My favorite part of a a new project is conceptualizacion, me gusta coger una idea, refinarla y transformarla en lenguaje visual while overcoming the technical requirements to make the piece compelling. Yo empece estudiando Ingenieria Industrial, antes de continuar en Fine Arts, Fashion, and Integrated Design. I like to combine what I have learned to make technically and conceptually sound work.

Finalmente, the red misspelled zig zag is representative of the driving force behind my work; discussing normative Dominican and U.S. culture from the perspective of person que nunca encaja completamente donde esta (siempre esta parcialmente mal escrita). I moved a lot when I was younger and I like to think that this means I have an objective point of view into either culture. I like to comparar y contrastar diferente aspectos of both places to propose alternatives based on social constructs, multiculturalism, colonization, imperialism, cultural hierarchy and societal issues of othered identities with a multidisciplinary and often satirical tone.