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Jai Fachon is a collection that searches for a ‘Dominican fashion identity and aesthetic’ by addressing ‘Guacanagarix syndrome' and the effect of globalization and imperialism as seen through the clothes worn and popularized in the country. Eurocentric influences are evident in all of Dominican culture. In fashion, these effects are exaggerated, so by combining opposing aspects of the cultural hierarchy in the culture the collection celebrates and empowers the often discriminated side of Dominicaness. The collection focuses on closet staples that are accessible to every Dominican, with T-shirts branded with modified Dominican logos that showcase the country's dialect and national brands, jackets and modular pieces designed for the Dominican climate, pants inspired by traditional Dominican/Spanish costumes and Dominican iconography and symbolism.

4.a1 Illustrations

4.a2 Flats and technical design

4.a3 Embroidery and Logo Development: All embroidery patches were programmed and produced by me

4.a4 Sketches and concept development